Thursday, April the 17th...

    Chocolate Fudge Oreo!!

         Soup o' the Day: Flavorful Chicken Gumbo!!

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- April Specials -  

*Brand New*
Boneless Pork Chop

We introduce to you for the very first time
our brand new 6oz. juicy, tender
Boneless Pork Chop Sandwich!
(Yes...we ditch that bone to make eating it a bit easier!)
We place this delicious Chop on a toasted Telerra Roll
with your choice of cheese: 
Cheddar, Pepper-Jack, Swiss, Provolone or American.
You also get your choice of toppings...
Maybe you like BBQ sauce and onion? Go for it!
Maybe you're a lettuce, tomato and ranch person? Yay!
Or give it a dollop of horseradish with pickles! OK then!
Whatever you like...
But I know you'll like this sandwich!
This Pork Chop sandwich also includes
 your choice of four delicious side orders:
 Traditional German Potato Salad,
Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Bowtie Pasta Salad 
and creamy Cole Slaw.

Only $6.99!

Hot Fudge 
Cream Puff Sundae!!

Start with a delicate, fresh cream puff shell
and add two huge scoops
 of our premium vanilla custard!
Top it off with rivers of decadent Hot Fudge,
fresh Whipped Cream and a plump cherry!
It may not be time for the State Fair
but you can get your Cream Puff fix right here!!
Available all...Summer...long!!

Simple and delicious. Simply delicious!!

Only $5.29

Robert's *NEW* & Improved
Hot Corned
 Beef Reuben!

We stack a full 1/3lb.
 of new premium top round Corned Beef
on our butter toasted Marble Rye bread.
Add a generous helping of sauerkraut,
 creamy Thousand Island
and a slice of Wisconsin Swiss cheese.
 Our twist to this classic is that we add
 two of our famous onion rings
 right on the sandwich!
Enjoy this incredible sandwich in March
 and all year long!
Swing in on St. Patrick's Day
 and receive a FREE cone
when you purchase one of these Reubens!  Enjoy!

Beer Battered Cod!!

You've gotta try our incredible beer battered Cod for Lent!
Available in our 3-filet Fish Fry, 2-filet Fish & Chips
 or 2-filet sandwich on a soft kaiser roll!
Natural filets of Cod, fried to a golden brown!
Available EVERY day...not just Fridays!!

Homemade Soups... 
We have all of your favorites and
will try to offer the uber-popular flavors
a little more frequently than the others.
Let's face it...good soup just hits the spot!! 
You'll love our soups
with your favorite sandwich, salad or...all by itself!
Now available in pints & quarts to-go also!!
Check out our website, Facebook page
or our "Flavor Hotline" for the soup o' the day!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page
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the custard Flavor of the Day, 
Soup of the Day and awesome specials!
It's also the perfect place to send feedback
 directly to me, Darren, the owner. :)
 I personally respond to all posts! 

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