Friday, September 20th, 2019...
      Mint Fudge Brownie!

       Today's Soup o' the Day: Boston Clam Chowder!

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- September Specials - 

Packers Game Day Specials 
Are Back!!

Half price single Jumbo Burgers and 
half price chicken wings are the order of the day each and every day our beloved Pack plays, 
whether that's Sunday, Monday or Thursdays! 
This deal is too good to pass up! 
Please understand...with the immense popularity 
of this crazy deal, the wait for your deliciousness will likely be considerably longer, 
especially during lunch and dinner time. 
I promise there is no harder working staff in the biz, none. I also promise they are working that hard 
to get you your order 
as quickly as humanly possible. 
And even with their Herculean effort, 
you still may wait in excess of 30 minutes 
in the perfect storm, so we are grateful 
for your patience and believe it will be rewarded.

Award-winning Homemade Chili &
Mouth-watering Soups... 
  We'll list the soup o' the day right here on the website or...feel free to call our flavor hotline (250-1683).           Not sure if our Daily Soup Special floats your boat?      All are available to be sampled for free at the counter! 
Also... our homemade chili is FANTASTIC!
(It's a two-time award-winner!)
Hearty and full of meat, beans & tons of flavor.
Sample it if you wish as well!

Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Fries!!
These delicious morsels of sweet & salty goodness 
are now part of our permanent menu! 
They are the perfect sidekick to all of your favorite signature sandwiches, deli wraps and Jumbo Burgers! Or...all by themselves!! Enjoy!

Croissant Avocado Club...
 Start with a fresh, flaky croissant stacked high 
with a full 1/3lb. of premium baked ham and 
roasted turkey breast, slices of Applewood smoked bacon, and your choice of six Wisconsin cheeses.  
We then spread a generous amount of creamy avocado 
and add just a couple rings of red onion, crisp Romaine lettuce, fresh tomato and topped off with 
your choice of dressing or mayonnaise. 
An AMAZING Deli-style sandwich!

Bacon Avocado Ranch 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich...

starts with our tender, juicy 6oz. chicken breast 
grilled to perfection and layered with delicious avocado, slices of Applewood smoked bacon and Wisconsin Provolone cheese.  Add crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh tomatoes 
and creamy ranch dressing all placed upon 
a toasted Tomato Herb Focaccia roll!  
Soon to be your favorite chicken sandwich.  Anywhere. 

Be sure to check out our Facebook page 
for daily updates on the 
custard Flavor of the Day, Soup of the Day 
and various awesome specials! 
It's also the perfect place to send feedback directly to me, Darren, the owner. :) 
I personally respond to all posts! 

RFC is your "HOTSPOT "!!
Bring your laptops, tablets and smart phones...
we're your office away from the office!!


   Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-9pm  
Friday & Saturday 10:30am-10pm
Remember...we keep our doors and Drive-Thru open at least an extra 10 minutes past our official "closing" time!  We call it our "Guest First" policy.   That means no rude surprises when you race over to quench your desire for the RFC experience and pull on the door five minutes after "closing". 

We know why we're here. 
It's to give top-notch service from the first customer of the day to the last.  
Comin' over late??  Take your time.  We're here for YOU !


Would you like to contact us?? We encourage it!!
Email us at
or call us at 262.250.1683. 
Thanks.  We appreciate the feedback!

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