Wednesday, August 27th...
        Butter Pecan!!

                Soup of the Day:  Twice Baked Potato!!

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- August Specials -  

Pizza Burger!!

Take our fresh, 5oz., Grade-A ground beef patty
and add sauteed mushrooms, green peppers,
and a slice of Wisconsin Mozzarella.
Add our rich, delicious marinara sauce
and you have a summer treat for your taste buds!!


Due to popular OUTCRY (!) we will offer
one of the all-time favorite sandwiches
here at Robert's,
the Roasted Turkey Breast sandwich,
on our permanent menu!
A REAL "deli" sandwich on butter-toasted
whole grain sunflower bread.
Stacks of thinly sliced turkey breast,
crisp Romaine lettuce, garden fresh tomatoes,
Wisconsin Swiss cheese and our
house recipe cranberry mayonnaise! can have it every single day!

the Parmesan Herb Crusted Tilapia Filet sandwich
is joining it on the permanent menu as well!
I know so many of you LOVE that sandwich too!
Who wouldn't love a natural Tilapia filet
(over 1/3lb.!) crusted in flavorful herbs
and Parmesan cheese?!
Placed on a toasted Focaccia roll
with crisp Romaine lettuce
and house-recipe Monterey tartar sauce!

Both sandwiches will be offered a la carte side dishes included.

We also are unveiling something brand new
 with our scrumptious and refreshing
Fruit Smoothies.
You now will have the choice of
adding rich Greek Yogurt
or a dash of frozen custard (our previous recipe)
to the Smoothie. Your choice!
Why stop there?!
Are you looking for a non-dairy,
non-fat refreshing alternative?
Skip the Greek Yogurt and custard and...voila!
A refreshing sorbet-based
Robert's Summer Icy unofficial name.

Last but not least...
we also begin to offer our
delicious and refreshing Fresh Brewed
FLAVORED Iced Teas and Lemonades!
Be a traditionalist and have one unflavored or...
enjoy one jazzed up with the flavor of
Mango, Pomegranate, Raspberry or Strawberry!

Hot Fudge 
Cream Puff Sundae!!

Start with a delicate, fresh cream puff shell
and add two huge scoops
 of our premium vanilla custard!
Top it off with rivers of decadent Hot Fudge,
fresh Whipped Cream and a plump cherry!
It may not be time for the State Fair
but you can get your Cream Puff fix right here!!
Available all...Summer...long!!

Simple and delicious. Simply delicious!!

Only $5.29

Homemade Soups... 
We have all of your favorites and
will try to offer the uber-popular flavors
a little more frequently than the others.
Let's face it...good soup just hits the spot!! 
You'll love our soups
with your favorite sandwich, salad or...all by itself!
Now available in pints & quarts to-go also!!
Check out our website, Facebook page
or our "Flavor Hotline" for the soup o' the day!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page
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the custard Flavor of the Day, 
Soup of the Day and awesome specials!
It's also the perfect place to send feedback
 directly to me, Darren, the owner. :)
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RFC is your "HOTSPOT "!!
Bring your laptops, tablets and smart phones...
we're your office away from the office!!


   Sunday-Thursday 10:30am-10pm  
Friday & Saturday 10:30am-11pm

Remember...we keep our doors and Drive-Thru open at least an extra 10 minutes late night til the last mouth is fed! That means no rude surprises when you race over to quench your desire for the RFC experience and pull on the door five minutes after "closing". We know why we're here. It's to give top-notch service from the first customer of the day to the last.  Comin' over late??  Take your time.  We're here for YOU !


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